The Movement

When you wear something, a smile, an energy, you represent what you stand for and

what sort of world you want to live in. Let it be the same for the things you buy and


By being apart of Tide, you become part of a movement for positive change within

the way we buy and consume things.

Though tide is a brand that strives for sustainable jewellery pieces, this is not just

what Tide offers. Tide aims to be a movement that adds meaning, value and a new

relationship with nature. With wearing Tide jewellery you will be a symbol of change.

Being a part of Tide is being a part of a better world, a sustainable an ethical world.

Created by hand with meaning Tide presents a unique jewellery collection.

Do check out #Bethetide blog we have created to assist in the movement.

Tide is not just sustainable, bespoke, innovative and ethical jewellery pieces, “it’s a movement!”

#Bethetide #Bethechange